Teeth Cleaning at Fetch!

At Fetch! the Canine Teeth Cleaning is performed by a Certified Canine Oral Hygiene Specialist, Kelly Moran.


Kelly has over 12 years’ experience performing non-anaesthetic canine teeth cleaning and 15 years’ experience working with animals.

Non Anaesthetic Dog Teeth Cleaning

About Teeth Cleaning

Benefits of non-anaesthetic teeth cleaning

  • No anaesthetic or sedation used

  • Low cost

  • Less stress on your dog

  • No blood work required

  • Gentle care for your dog

About the Procedure

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and includes:

  • Scaling

  • Polishing

  • Anti-bacterial Gum Conditioner

  • Home Care Instructions



Prices start at $150 and are set based on the condition of the dog’s mouth and teeth. The costs range between $150 and $200. Follow up appointments will help to maintain the dog’s health. Your dog should have their teeth cleaned every 6-12 months for optimal cleanliness.

Teeth Cleaning.png